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LA State of Mind

beverly-wilshireLos Angeles is not only the city of angels; it is the city of dreams. There is no shortage of luxury hotels, superb shopping locations or posh restaurants and clubs. In fact, this city is all about glitz and glamour, stunning outfits, sparkling jewels and diva attitude. So, if you are visiting LA and you are not sure where to stay and what to drive, here are a couple of tips on how to get into the best LA state of mind.

One location that has had the rich and beautiful people stay since 1928 is the Beverly Wilshire Hotel. Set in the superior location, and has an extensive history and Michelin star gourmet food Beverly Wilshire has been operated by Four Seasons for decades and the first class service is guaranteed. This deluxe hotel has welcomed guests such as Elvis Presley, John Lennon and Al Pacino and they all appreciated the renaissance style, expansive marble, exotic stone, mosaic flooring, crystal chandeliers, and custom made furniture. If you are travelling with family and entourage make sure you book Presidential suite on the 14th floor. It has a breath taking view of the Beverly Hills, stunning terrace, and a nice space of 5 000sq f (465 sq m) of pure luxury. If you are on your own, Ambassador Suite is just what you need. Classic interior, magnificent view of the Century City, and 1 425 sq f (132 sq m) of living area.

Tesla-Roadster-greenRemember the film Pretty Woman? Bold and handsome Edward Lewis was staying at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel and was driving that state of the art super car Lotus Esprit. Like Mr Lewis if you want to enjoy the views of Los Angeles and get some sunshine, whilst driving in style, then choosing the right car is important. Elite Club suggests to go for luxury green car! And Tesla Roadster is one of a kind convertible vehicle. This car is fast, hot and it is environmentally friendly.  The Tesla Roadster model was the first electric sport car designed and manufactured by Tesla Motors in California. The founders of the company were inspired by famous electrical engineer and physicist Nikola Tesla who was known as an inventor and mad scientist.

This high end car is perfect for long drives along Pacific Ocean and Sunset Boulevard. The design is bold, innovative and stylish at the same time. Most of the car apart from the bumpers is built from carbonfibre. But what is more important, it’s the technology. It is the first car that works exclusively on lithium-ion battery cells. According to Tesla Motors the Roadster can go for 245 miles without charging a battery. And it takes only 3.7 seconds to speed up to 60m/h. This exclusive green car will only cost you 100 000 USD plus you may claim various government incentives. Roadster is the perfect vehicle to enjoy driving in LA; it optimizes power and fuel efficiency and has a unique slick style.